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MOTORESS 2008 RDT Track Day Flyer

The Motoress Trackday for Women - July 6, 2008

A summer Sunday in July with glorious weather, add one of my favourite tracks, and a group of women riders. I can't imagine what could make a trackday more perfect.

Vicki of Motoress did a wonderful job of organizing the trackday to provide a safe, unintimidating and beginner-friendly experience for new track riders, and a relaxed trackday atmosphere very enjoyable for more experienced riders.

There were several women racers, including myself, who helped out showing riders new to the RDT track the line, and Vicki taught a brief course for new trackday riders. Experienced street riders enjoyed the gentle introduction to the track environment, and some relatively new riders enjoyed the chance to explore the limitations of their bikes in a safe environment.

Andrea's NS250 Honda
The Honda NS 250 is like a great-grandmother (or maybe great-aunt?) of many of the bikes at this trackday, so it's probably suitable that it was showing the newer bikes around :-)

Honda NS 250 F 1983 vintage street bike converted for racing The NS is running great and Tim solved the problems with the front brakes. I have yet another set of new fork seals in, and hopefully these will hold oil for the rest of the season, despite the condition of the forks. The motor is running very well, and it is not consuming any extra oil, so my previous concerns about the state of it's seals seem unfounded.

I had the opportunity to ride a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250 at the Motoress trackday, and I was really pleased to be able to try out this agile and nimble bike around the compact curves of the RDT. The 250 Ninja is an excellent street-bike, much more capable than almost any other 250 available for the street in Canada, but I discovered it's also an excellent track-bike. I would want to do very little to it, apart from stripping off the street-gear, to prepare it as a track-day bike. Unfortunately all the 2008 Ninjas brought into Canada have apparently already been sold... a very popular bike, and I was lucky to have a chance to ride it!

Andrea on a 2008 Kawasaki 250 Ninja, a great trackbike as well as a great street bike
Tim on Andrea's Honda NS250F at the RDT in July 2008 Tim spent a considerable ammount of time rebuilding the front of the NS 250 in 2007 and completing it's conversion into a race bike in 2008, so he deserved a chance to see how well the bike is performing now.

Andrea on the NS250F at the Motoress trackday at the Mosport RDT July 2008
Another great trackday on the NS 250

Photos on this page courtesy of Polina Michkine www.rezvp.com

For more on future Motoress trackdays and events, visit www.motoress.com

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