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Dirty Girl Motor Racing - Summer 2010

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April 2010

Exciting international recognition for Team Dirty Girls... A 5th place award amongst the Top Ten Women's Racing Teams from around the world, awarded to us by Helmet Hair Magazine! Read more about the top women's motorcycle racing teams: http://helmethairmagazine.com/hhm-v2/index.php/top-ten-international-all-femme-motorcycle-race-teams.html

Street Riding Season 2010

Motorcycle Rider Training

One of the most enjoyable motorcycling activities of my summer is teaching motorcycle rider training. The opportunity to share some of what I've learned with new riders is something I value, both for the enjoyment and for what I learn as well. Weekends I'm not racing, I'm usually trotting around a parking lot, guiding new riders through their early motorcycling experiences, and having a fabulous time sharing their excitement.

The Rider Training Institute - visit www.ridertraining.ca for more info

International Female Ride Day
Friday May 7 2010

A day long celebration of women in motorcycling, not an organized event, just a day to get out there and RIDE! Women all over the world celebrate International Female Ride Day, an initiative of Motoress.

READ MORE: http://www.motoress.com/femalerideday.asp

International Female Ride Day Friday May 7 2010 - visit www.motoress.com for more info

Women Ride Out Against Rape
Sunday June 13 2010

A fabulous fundraising motorcycle ride for a wonderful grass roots collective organization of women helping women, called the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre / Multicultural Women Against Rape. Now in it's sixth year, the WROAR Ride is an event near and dear to my heart, that I'm privileged to help organize with a group of great women motorcyclists. See photos of the 2010 WROAR Ride

READ MORE: www.wroar.com

WROAR - Women Ride Out Against Rape Sunday June 13 2010 - visit www.wroar.com for more info

Racing Season 2010

The season that never happened

Dear reader, I'm so sorry, you've waited long and patiently for updates on the racing season that, for me, never happened. My enthusiasm for racing remains undiminished (which has made this a difficult update to write) yet I never got to the track in 2010.

Why? In a single word, budget. Exactly the pitfall I warn aspiring racers about in my article Ten Steps to Go Racing - if sufficient funds aren't available in the racing budget, racing won't happen.

So for the 2010 racing season I found myself without the budget for racing, my bikes all in need of something, and sadly I hadn't the means to provide for them. Even my streetbikes were suffering for want of new parts. Finally I have discovered the down side of being a multi-bike owner - the more bikes you have the more there is to go wrong. Especially when your newest bike is over 10 years old.

Before you report me to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to the Internal Combustion Engine, please consider that I'm trying to make amends in 2011. I've got parts for my loyal steed, the 500 Vulcan I've owned since it had 870 km's on the odo (the bike to which I owe the most - it's given me nearly 100,000km's of sterling service - the least I can do is buy it some new parts) and Vulcan will be running again this spring.

For the rest of my fleet, and with great trepidation, I am contemplating the possibility of selling a bike, parting with one of my loves. It's a thought that brings me a degree of anguish to consider, but they deserve an owner who can afford to care for them properly, don't they? An owner with fewer bikes or more racing/riding time maybe?

You can see it won't be easy for me to let go, but perhaps that will be my new exeperience in motorcycling for this year.

As for racing, with the snow falling outside my window as I write this, I'm wondering how fast my skiis are at the moment. Once the snow thaws we'll see what's ahead for 2011.

pumpkin carving with power tools... wear your safety gear!

Winter 2009-2010

Some motorheads love winter, the snowmobiling crowd for example. Unfortunately they are the only motorheads with a shorter season than motorcyclists, in this part of Canada anyway. Since I haven't had a chance to go snowmobiling, I've had to amuse myself with power tools and motorcycle shows this past winter: READ MORE

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