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The article below has been contributed by my friend Leonard. As best as I can recall, I originally met Leonard on the Vulcan Owners Group forum in 1995 or 1996. We had different Vulcan models, but we connected in the ways in which we enjoyed riding. We stayed in touch by email, and in '98 when Leonard & Judy came to Canada on their annual motorcycle tour, we met up and shared the road for a day or two, and enjoyed a night of camping together. Leonard has a vast wealth of touring and motorcycle traveling experience, as well as a very charming wit...

Leonard - Motorcycle Touring contributor

Things We Have Learned About Motorcycle Traveling

By Leonard R.

1. People driving in sports cars take the inside of the curve, even if it's in your lane.

2. Logging trucks always have the right of way, no matter when, no matter where.

3. Gas always costs more for an empty tank.

4. Never let a boy with two first names fill your tank. They have no idea what three gallons are.

5. Falling rocks hurt. Falling rock signs do not lie.

6. Flash floods do flash.

7. Lightening in the mountains is 6,000 feet closer.

8. Lightening on the prairies is 60 miles wider.

9. North winds, East winds and winds from Washington D.C. blow ill tidings.

10. Weather anywhere, can change within the hour.

11. "Down the road a piece," can mean 1 mile to 100, depending who you ask.

12. Cell phones do not work when you need them.

13. Chaps are a God send. Helmets are a choice. Just as donating organs are.

14. A car full of old ladies will appear when you are standing or squatting behind a tree.

15. Bears do not like people. Unless your on their lunch menu.

16. Buffalo are by nature insane.

17. Snakes like warm sleeping bags and boots.

18. Most Campgrounds will put the biker as far away from the bathroom as possible.

19. Weekend campers will have a camp fire on a 99 degree night.

20. Camp fire smoke will always blow directly into your tent.

21. Bicyclers are great people to camp with. Horse people aren't. Horses have fleas. Bicyclers don't.

22. City Cops and Highway Patrol can't take a joke. County Deputy's can.

23. Use car washes to put on rain gear. Nobody washes their cars when it's raining.

24. Canadian KFC's do not have mashed potatoes and gravy. Just "fresh cut's."

25. Use a compass. Believe the compass. A compass does not get confused.

26. Thank God for a beautiful day at each end of the ride.

Contributed by Leonard 'Vulcanfog' R.

Leonard's Yamaha on tour in 1988
Leonard's 1988 Tour to South Carolina from Iowa

Leonard and Judy, touring on the Vulcan 1500 through Canada in the mid-90's
Leonard and Judy came touring in Canada in 1996. I met up with the Ontario leg of their journey and showed them some of my favorite local Ontario roads

Leonard and Judy on their new Victory in 2008
Leonard and Judy on their new bike, 2008

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