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2 Wheels by the Campfire - Motorcycle touring articles by Leonard R.

Two Wheels By the Campfire

Motorcycling articles by Leonard R.

Leonard - Motorcycle Touring contributor

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Judy started touring with me when we started dating back in 1994. Her first tours were on the back of a 1981 Yamaha XS Special. In 96, we graduated to a new Kawasaki Vulcan, 1500 Touring Cruiser. A few tours later, brought us to 1998 and thinking about motorcycling to Vermont from Iowa, to see her daughter, the writer. Since both Judy and I disdain big cities and high populated areas, we opted to travel through Ontario, dropping down through upper New York and into Vermont.

One night while visiting a Vulcan owner's motorcycle forum, I happened to see a posting from somebody in Ontario. What luck, maybe that person could help Judy and I grope our way through Ontario. So I e-mailed this mysterious person with a barrage of questions, thinking she would probably think we were lunatics. This person behind the e-mail address turned out to be Andrea Goodman. She not only answered our questions, but gave us a lot of valuable information. She told us about good parks to camp in and wonderful lesser roads to travel to see the best of the pretty scenery. As it turned out, she had traveled a lot her self and her experiences proved to be so helpful. Through e-mail exchanges, it was decided we should all meet at Bonne Echo Provincial park. We all camped together a few nights and did the "Calabogie run."

One of the things Judy and I like about touring is meeting nice people. So, meeting Andrea was a wonderful event in our lives and to have a continued friendship, even so far apart, is so much more then one could expect from motorcycling. It's an honor and a privilege to be Andrea's friend.

Leonard R.

And that's how you make a DirtyGirl blush... ~ Andrea

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