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Leonard - Motorcycle Touring contributor

Leonard's Campground Review - Part 2

Monday, October 6th through Thursday the 9th.

Bryce Valley KOA, Cannonville, Utah

KOA campground Bryce Valley in Utah Although I had specifically asked for cabin # 1. Based on the KOA's web site information, they had booked us into #6, which is at the top of a steep hill, a long walk from the bathroom and rough terrain to walk over. I told Shelby, the nice girl on the desk, that I couldn't possibly pull the trailer up the loose gravel road or turn the trailer around. I asked her what happened to cabin #1, that I had reserved? She offered no answer but, gave us #1. I asked to make sure she would not get into trouble before accepting the cabin change.

About the only real mark against them was that our porch light had burned out, and even though we told them twice, the repair was never made while we were there.

We highly recommend this KOA. It is an older KOA, but the owners have done a tremendous job of bringing it up to the current KOA standards. One thing we really liked, was the large outside covered pavilion. It had electric ranges and dish washing sinks. So we were able to use them instead of the Coleman two burner stove and the plastic oil pan used for washing dishes. We found Marsha Holland, a co-owner and her helper Shelby, to be wonderful hosts and they accommodated almost our every need. John Holland, her husband and co-owner, even allowed us to wash our motorcycle in secret, since it is against the posted rules.

KOA Bryce Valley photo The Campground hosts always seem to go the extra mile. The KOA office had a computer in the store area for the guests to use, but somebody had caused it to crash along with the office computer. Since Judy needed to check her business e-mail from time to time, Marsha made arraignments with a near by motel to let Judy use their lobby computer. That was nice of both the motel and the KOA.

This KOA had a smaller supply of food items then others we have stayed at but, it still had the few things we needed. The rest rooms were always very clean and smelled so. The grounds are well kept and the lower level driveway is in great condition.

Our cabin was neat and clean and the staff always kept it that way. Our cabin as well as the two near by, sat next to the highway, but night traffic is minimal and we were never awaken by any passing vehicles.

We suggest if you ever book into this KOA, demand one of the cabins 1 through 3 and never take cabins with higher numbers, because the rest are up on hill tops, scattered about the grounds and the roads leading to them are perilous. And they are a long walk to the bathrooms.

Saturday, October 11

Gunnison KOA, Gunnison, Colorado

KOA Gunnison cabin The Gunnison KOA took our reservation, but we did not have a choice of cabins when we made the reservation via the internet, unlike the other KOA’s. But in retrospect I would not have been able to fore see the problem we were about to encounter anyway. When we arrived at the Gunnison KOA we checked into the office. We were given cabin #1., that had very loose and deep rock in the parking area. As I drove onto the gravel, the bike sunk and we got stuck. Each time I tried to pull out, using the tactics Iowa snow drifts had taught me, the bike would break traction and just dig us in deeper. Judy finally had to get off the bike and push on the trailer to help get us out. I parked the bike and trailer on a grassy strip across from the cabin, next to the "keep off the grass" sign and walked to the office to see about getting a cabin with more suitable parking.

I explained our problem. The manager was reluctant at first, but relinquished and gave us a cabin on the back side of the camp grounds, which proved to be closer in walking distance to the bathrooms. Originally he wanted us to take a cobblestone road around the back side of a pond to this second cabin so, after walking it and discovering huge smooth basket ball size rocks, sticking up from the road bed by several inches, I returned to the office and explained that quandary. They then suggested I ride across a grassy vacant RV lot to the cabin. I checked that route out and found that solution was most favorable.

We arrived near the end of the season, with two weeks to go and most of the KOA's store ware had been removed from the shelves and there was no ice to be had. The manager was busy closing the campground, but treated us nice. He ran into town and bought us a bag of ice.

KOA Gunnison campground In spite of our difficulties, I do recommend this KOA. It is an older campground, sitting well off the highway, and reasonably well kept. Access is on a nice, but curvy road. Just follow the signs and you will be ok. The bathrooms were clean and sanitary. There are plenty of trees, with paths through them for leisurely strolls. The grounds have a well stocked fish pond with some sizeable trout in them. The town of Gunnison is only about 2 miles away.

When making a reservation at this campground, I would do it by phone. That way you can ask if the gavel cabin parking for cabins 1 through 3 has settled and hardened and ask if the cobbled rock road to the back cabins has been graded to accommodate motorcycles. If not, ask for a pass through the RV camp sites.

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