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Three Women Two Wheels One Great Time

The Tradition Continues

- Laura

Continuing the tradition started by Andrea (AKA DirtyGirl), some of the women of the VRRA entered a women's team in the endurance race at the Quinte TT in June 2011. The team, 3Abreast Racing, had minimal endurance racing experience, but all had heart and desire.

The team decided to use Melodee's Honda VTR250. Her nimble bike quickly became a confidence-inspiring ride for Jennifer and Laura as they learned its shift points, engine sounds, and incredible stability during morning practice sessions. It stuck to the track like a cat on a carpet.

As it was Mel's bike, Mel took the start. Her lap times rapidly decreased as she targeted successive riders to pass. She surprised more than a few riders with larger displacement engines, but the Shannonville short track is made for bikes like hers. Mel's style of racing is "hop on bike, turn key, go." She should add another phrase to that mantra: "pass." Had this been a sprint race, Mel's lap times would have placed in her in the top ten.

Mel on the VTR and Laura standing by
Jen on the Honda 250 VTR vintage racing motorcycle Jen and Laura took their turns on the bike, enjoying the time on the track and gradually reducing their lap times. Jen is used to riding a Honda 600 Hurricane with plenty of passing power. She quickly adapted to the smaller engine and was eager to get out on the track for each session. Laura usually rides a Honda CBR250. She soon realized that the power was greater in the higher gears, and increased her speed accordingly, both on the corners and the front straight. The weather was perfect, there were no red flags, and the 2 hours passed in an exciting blur of racing, cheering and re-hydrating.

Our pit crew consisted of Jody Pearce and Dave Thompson. Jody created a unique pit board to signal our last lap: the blue lid of a Rubbermaid bin, decorated with two large duct tape circles, side by side, with dots in the middle. We got the message, and our unique pit board received many laughs. Dave and Jody timed our laps and our time out on the track, and held the bike during our smooth rider changes. It was as if our crew had practiced the moves for weeks.

3Abreast Racing - the crew invented this pit sign
Laura on the VTR250 Vintage racing Honda of 3Abreast Racing Nearby teams with mechanical difficulties raided our well-stocked tool box to help get their bikes back on the track. That was fine with us, as the VTR ran without difficulties, sipping fuel in a surprisingly efficient manner, as Mel was flogging it for all she was worth.

After the race, we relaxed with a favourite beverage and some salty snacks, savouring the pleasure of motorcycle racing and re-living our recent glorious moments out on the track. After all, we were the top women's team. Our team came 10th out of 14 teams. The team ahead of us scored only 2 laps more, so now we have something to aim for next year.

Melodee on the 3Abreast Racing VTR250 Honda

The 3 women of Team 3Abreast Racing

The women of Team 3Abreast Racing: Jen, Mel, and Laura
Some happy faces at the end of a race!

Team 3Abreast Racing crew member Dave Thompson

3Abreast Racing crew member Dave Thompson
Calm and patient, Dave is a great crew member!

- Laura

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