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EN 500 Vulcan Kawasaki 1992 - Beauty photo taken in 1993
Photo credit: Owen Sinnott

These two photos of my Vulcan were taken in the fall of 1993, the 'baby pictures' of the Vulcan, when it had less than 10,000 km's on the odometer. These are about the only photos I have of the stock seat, which was replaced with a custom seat early in 1994.

Kawasaki EN 500 Vulcan - 1992 model, photo taken in 1993

1992 model Kawasaki EN 500 Vulcan showing 99,999 on the odometer after 30 years

August 2022

Vulcan's Zero-Odo day!

Not quite thirty years later, the Vulcan and I have enjoyed a special milestone, seeing the odo roll back to zero!

August 17, 2022 is the Vulcan's first zero-odo day

This is an uncommon event for a smaller displacement motorcycle, Goldwings and Concourse and other touring bikes frequently see their odo back to a row of zeros, but bikes with smaller engines may not have the same experience. This Vulcan, however, has had a bit of an unusual life, travelling widely as a touring bike, doing trackdays like a sport bike, and generally living it's best bike life.

Read more about the adventure of Vulcan's Zero-odo day here: Vulcan goes back to zero

Kawasaki's EN 500 Vulcan cruiser is powered by a sturdy and reliable liquid cooled parallel twin cylinder motor, very similar to the motor used in the EX500/500 Ninja sportbike. A smooth running twin with lots of power, driven by a clean, quiet and maintenace free belt drive. I've put nearly 100,000 on my Vulcan, and the original belt is in excellent condition.

Original 1991 Kawasaki brochures for the 500 Vulcan

Kawasaki 1991 brochure for the 500 Vulcan (Front) Kawasaki 1991 brochure for the 500 Vulcan (Back)

Higher resolution JPG files of both sides of this brochure are available on the Vulcan Brochure page

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Vulcan Maintenance

The Vulcan has proven to be a very reliable bike over the 100,000+ km's I've ridden it so far. Basic maintenance involves oil changes, cleaning the air filter, lubing the cables, checking brake and tire wear, and maintaining the battery, particularly in hot weather. Some more involved engine work was needed around 70,000 km, but I expect the motor will now go another 70,000 without much more than the above mentioned maintenace.

Thumbnails in this table link to larger images

Vulcan 500 carburetor diagram - link to larger image Vulcan 500 Carburetor mounting - link to larger diagram EN 500 Vulcan Clutch Diagram - link to larger image EN 500 Vulcan Crank Diagram - link to larger image
Vulcan 500 Emblems - 1992 model factory placement diagrams - link to larger image Vulcan EN 500 front forks - link to larger diagram 500 Vulcan mufflers - link to larger diagram EN 500 Vulcan rear suspension diagram - link to larger diagram
Vulcan shift drum diagram - link to larger diagram Vulcan 500 starter motor - link to larger diagram Vulcan Waterpump - link to diagram Vulcan aircleaner diagram - link to larger image

Visit the VULCAN DIAGRAMS page to see all diagrams as full-size GIF images

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Touring on a 500 Vulcan

While perhaps not every rider would consider the 500 Vulcan a perfect touring bike, it's ideal for me. I can manage to pack 140lb. of camping gear and still haul it off the sidestand.

Read more about Touring on a Vulcan

Andrea and the Vulcan packed for a camping trip

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Vulcan on the track

As track-day bikes go, the 500 Vulcan isn't a great choice, although it's as capable as almost any cruiser, it remains a cruiser with a flexy tube chassis and a limited cornering clearance. Still, the track is a great safe enviroment in which to test the limitations of your bike, so the Vulcan and I went to Mosport.

Yes, I had to replace the pegs after this trackday.

EN 500 Vulcan at Mosport International Raceway Ontario Canada
Kawasaki Vulcan on the track at Mosport

Vulcan Pages: Brochure - Diagrams - Packing

Do you ride an EN 500 Vulcan? If you would like to contribute a review of the bike, please E-mail me.

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