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WROAR 5 - June 14th 2009

What a great event! Our new event location at Morningside Park was delightful, with a good parking lot, and grassy green space with shade trees. The weather was perfect and the WROAR riders enjoyed a great day. Our new poker run format offered riders more of a challenge than our previous 'follow-the-leader' group rides, and the route included some very good riding roads, and avoided a lot of the road resurfacing work going on in the area.

WROAR Riders June 14, 2009

Riders registered starting at 10 am, and enjoyed a morning coffee and a muffin while reviewing the poker run map with their riding chums. Most riders headed out before 12, to be sure to finish the ride route in the allotted time and turn in their poker hands. Some riders who were new to the poker run idea rode in groups with riders who had some experience with the intricacies of the poker rally format. Some riders who registered late found they didn't have time to complete the route, but instead decided to return to the park and enjoy lunch and look at the bikes.

More WROAR V Photos...

Photos on this page are courtesy of Rob MacLennan - www.morallyambiguous.net

set up for WROAR Ride V

Morning set up for the WROAR Ride

riders - WROAR Ride V

Amazons arriving early to help with the WROAR Ride set up

motorcycle riders at the WROAR Ride

A diverse assortment of bikes and riders at the WROAR Ride

women motorcycle riders at the WROAR Ride

Riders preparing to depart on the poker run

motorcycle riders at the fifth WROAR Ride

Imagine a world without violence... we do!
Our t-shirt slogan from a few years ago, but still very true. Nice to see returning riders too

motorcycle riders supporting the TRCC/MWAR at the WROAR Ride

Motorcycle riders raising funds for the TRCC/MWAR at the WROAR Ride

motorcycle riders raising funds for the TRCC/MWAR at the WROAR Ride

Riders arriving at our Morningside Park venue, even the park road is nice and curvy

motorcycle riders at the WROAR Ride

Riders arrive at the WROAR Ride 2009

RR's support the WROAR Ride

Clubs arrive at the WROAR Ride 5

RR's at the WROAR Ride

several motorcycle clubs attended this year's WROAR Ride

WROAR Supporter Konker motors

WROAR Supporter Konker motors

Lambretta scooter test rides

Lambretta Scooters test rides at the WROAR Ride

Konker motors demo rides at the WROAR Ride

Konker motors offered test-rides at the WROAR Ride 2009

jewellery exhibitor and supporter

Jo-Jo's beautiful jewellery was a lovely addition new to the WROAR Ride this year

Stinger Trailer, WROAR Ride supporter

Stinger Trailer, long time WROAR Ride supporter

Two Biker Productions, custom vinyl

Two Biker Productions, custom vinyl - WROAR Ride supporters

WROAR Riders review their maps before the poker run

WROAR Riders review their maps before the poker run

WROAR committee members

WROAR Ride Committee members taking a coffee break after set up in the morning

WROAR Ride cooks, Tim and Leo

Cooking for the WROAR Riders this year, Tim and Leo

WROAR Riders chatting

Riders chat and enjoy the shade

dogs ride motorcycles too

Dogs ride motorcycles too!
We will have to reword our ride invitation. We have said in the past that the WROAR Ride is open to 'all genders' - men, women and trans-gendered individuals and that we welcome motorcycles, scooters and trikes.
We didn't think to extend our invitation to include dogs, but we regret that oversight on our part, and after meeting some of the wonderful dogs who attended this year - we'll have to find a way to make our invitation more inclusive in the future.

WROAR Ride Club Challenge - Amazons the winning club two years in a row!

The Toronto Amazons, winners of the WROAR Ride V Club Challenge. The Amazons raised more money than all the other participating clubs combined! Enjoy your wonderful club challenge prize - a full day for 10 riders at the Trail Tours and Dirt Bike school!

The WROAR Ride Committee would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the members of the Toronto Amazons for their ongoing support, for your fantastic fundraising efforts, and for helping us staff the WROAR booth at motorcycle shows. Thanks Amazons!

co-chairs at the WROAR Ride

Nadine and Andrea, this year's co-chairs on the WROAR Ride Organizing Committee, with Deb S. at the microphone.

prizes at the WROAR Ride

WROAR Ride was happy to award prizes to lots of riders

prize winner at WROAR V

Poker hand winners, fundraising prizes and more at WROAR V

scooters at WROAR

Scooters, trikes, and all kinds of motorcycles at the WROAR Ride

WROAR Riders

WROAR Riders

WROAR Riders

WROAR Riders


The WROAR Ride organizing committee would like to extend our sincered thanks to the many sponsors and supporters who made this years ride a possibility.


Rider Training Institute
Honda Canada
Trail Tours and Dirt Bike School
Impact Canopy


Konker Motors, Lambretta Canada, Mackie Harley-Davidson, LC Media, Ace Mobile Service, B.A.S Vintage & Custom Cycles, Montana's Markham, www.twobiker.com, Tapmoto, Motoress.com, Bitchin Gear, Stinger Trailer, Instinctive DT, CJ Cycles, DirtyGirl Motor Racing, AGWebservices.com

A special thanks to our photographer Rob MacLennan (www.morallyambiguous.net) who's been supporting the WROAR Ride since it's first year! Thanks Rob

Note to visitors: this new 'low-wattage' version of the WROAR Ride website requires less electricity to view and generates less light pollution. A small savings that adds up with 3,000 to 4,000 visitors per month. Our way to rebalance the karma of our carbon footprint as internal combustion enthusiasts.

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